All of the Joke/Story/Trick Videos in One Place

Sep 7, 2010

Last year, I started a series of videos called Joke/Story/Trick. It was meant to be a thing I did every week, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. I still have ambitions to do them more often. We’ll see what happens. Here I’ve compiled the first 8 J/S/T videos for you all in one place (Also – note there’s usually a little surprise at the end of each video)!

J/S/T #1

J/S/T #2

J/S/T #3

J/S/T #4

J/S/T #5

J/S/T #6

J/S/T #7

J/S/T #8

I’ve already got the idea in my head for the next Joke/Story/Trick video and I hope to make it in the next couple days. Also – if you like the videos above – please help spread the love and share them with your friends! Post them on your Facebook wall, or tweet them. I appreciate it!

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