Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, OH Have the Same Weather

Originally Posted on 4/5/08 So last week took me to Philadelphia, PA. No problems getting into the PHL airport this time! I got the airport and shuttled it to my hotel with no issues. I was ultra super hungry and couldn’t wait to get to the hotel to eat, but they didn’t start serving food until after I had to leave for my show, so I just ate some cookies instead. The Internet at the hotel was down too, which was a bummer. Give me food and Internet and I can live happy for quite awhile. The weather was dreary … Read more

Review in Central Michigan Life

Originally Posted on 4/2/08 Source: Kent entertains with magical comedy By: Robert D. Pore Issue date: 3/31/08 Section: News The night ended with a story about childhood misery, a shower of confetti and applause. Comedian and magician Michael Kent finished his Friday act at Moore Hall’s Townsend Kiva by telling a story about how his dad had ruined his childhood with his explanation of where stars came from. As he finished, confetti magically appeared from his hand. Kent parodied fellow magician David Copperfield’s habit of telling sad stories about his childhood. “You don’t see magicians who make fun of … Read more

Michigan Shows and Superfans

Originally Posted on 4/1/08 Last week brought me to a couple more schools in Michigan. Driving toward Mt. Pleasant, MI was slightly eventful, as I hit a nasty patch of snow on the way there. It was pretty fierce, but only for about 20 minutes. Then it was sunny and nice out. Central Michigan is one of my favorite places to perform. The people are great there and the hotel has a jacuzzi in the room. And by “in the room” I mean literally right next to the bed. Slightly sketchy perhaps, but very awesome to relax and watch a … Read more

Michael <3’s Grand Valley State University

Originally Posted on 3/25/08 I took the stage in Allendale, MI (right outside of Grand Rapids) in front of 400-500 students last Wednesday for an awesome show at Grand Valley State University. The programming board there, Spotlight Productions, does a hell of a job. They even had “I <3 Michael Kent” signs. The show went well – nothing scary or out of place. The room where they have their events is really cool. Couldn’t do the wallpaper thing because there was only brick and curtains, but that’s fine. Here are some shots from the show! After the show, some of … Read more

I Conjured an Effing Tornado

Originally Posted on 3/18/08 Good Morning, I’m finally caught up on rest after last weekend’s exciting trip to Atlanta, GA for the APCA National Conference. I was there to promote the show in the Big Name Entertainment booth along with the Showoff Show and the USA BreakDancers. All three of us also had showcases. On Friday, I had my showcase at about 9:30pm. I had a couple new jokes and they went over really well. As a result, guess what? Now everyone else gets to laugh at them! Here’s a photo of my showcase, courtesy of Tifton University’s CAB. When … Read more

Snowed in With the Showoffs!

Originally Posted on 3/10/08 Last week, we saw some beautiful weather in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Early in the week temperatures neared 60 degrees and the sun felt amazing. It cooled down a little just in time for my friends Jonathan and Evan from the Showoff Show to fly in on Thursday. I had a show Thursday night for the Ohio Intercourt Conference. When they called a few months ago and scheduled the show and told me who it was for, I thought “Alright! Finally – this is going to be AWESOME.” Then they said “No, Michael. I said … Read more

If it plays in Peoria…

Originally Posted on 3/3/08 Wow – another busy week! I’ve really gotta thank everyone for making this year so great so far. It’s been two months and already I feel like I’ve been on a freaking U.S. Tour. ———————— Someone pointed out a funny thing to me today. Take a look at Jim Gaffigan’s latest concerts schedule promo: Look familiar? Hahaha. How honored I am that Jim Gaffigan would copy my style. Next thing you know he’ll start ripping off my routine about Hot Pockets. —————— So I started out last week flying into Philadelphia to perform at Rutgers University … Read more

Review: Northeastern News

Originally Posted on 2/26/08 Source: Northeastern NewsBy Sean Leviashvili Michael Kent worked his magic as he performed a stand-up routine at afterHOURS Wednesday. As part of BananAwareness Week, Travis Weisberger, showcases chair for the Council for University Programs, arranged for Kent to perform at Northeastern. Kent is known for putting his own spin on a series of magic tricks by interacting with the audience and treating his act as a comedy routine, a task he admits can be a challenge. “I started doing comedy in college,” Kent said. “It is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. A comic only … Read more

Boston and a Hospital Scare

Originally Posted on 2/28/08 Last week, despite having a nasty cold, I traveled to Boston for a show at Northeastern University. My show was part of Bananawareness week. The CUP at Northeastern had a week of events dedicated to the theory that bananas are going extinct. Not sure how I fit into it (they scheduled me for that week anyway, haha) but I played along. I appreciate the 220-some folks who came out to the show, including the 20 or so local friends that stopped by to see me! Very nice of everyone to come out. The NU “AfterHours” venue … Read more

Performing at WKVO 1580 AM Democratic Party with Stephanie Miller – Tix Available!

Originally Posted on 2/23/08 Hey! Just found out I’m doing a show at WVKO 1580 AM’s Democratic “Party” featuring Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Stephanie Miller! Tickets are still available! The event also will have free pizza, a cash bar, a 50/50 raffle, WVKO promotional items and more! (Adults only please!) Entertainment provided by The Spikedrivers, Donna Mogavero Michael Kent and the Ukulele Man. I’m fairly certain this is going to be an AWESOME time! Tickets and Information HERE.