Here are a series of shorts that appeared in Shadowbox Live‘s “Smoke and Mirrors.” Columbus NBC4 Chief Meteorologist Jym Ganahl is a long-time friend of Shadowbox and agreed to help out. Every time this aired live during “Smoke & Mirrors,” the crowd went WILD. Other videos from the show are below.

See the rest of Shadowbox Live’s Videos.

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Sometimes, you get people in the audience that just want to be heard. In this instance, this guy had been yelling random things throughout the show (I was guesting in a Shadowbox Live Sketch Comedy show), so I knew right away when he yelled “I volunteer!” not to pull him onstage. Enjoy!

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On Monday, April 16th I will team up with Shadowbox Live’s head writer Jimmy Mak for this one night only special event. A 30-minute performance will be followed by a viewing of the first three episodes of the hit TV show Arrested Development.

Drink specials for the night will include “The Lucille Martini” and “The Big Yellow Joint.”

Tickets are only $5.00. Call 614-416-7625 to make reservations.

We’ll find out if Gob Bluth helped or hindered my career. 😉

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I’m very excited to announce that, thanks to your votes, I have been nominated for Campus Activities Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year Reader’s Choice Award!
This is my first time being nominated for this national award after having been nominated for “Newest Rising Star” and “Best Small Venue Artist” categories in 2009.

Now that I’ve been nominated, it’s time to vote for the Award! I need your votes! Voting is simple – just go to Don’t forget to vote and tell all of your friends to vote by using the social media links below (help spread the word)! As you can imagine, this award is kind of a big deal, so your help and support is GREATLY appreciated!

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These “year-in-review” posts sometimes feel somewhat obligatory, but in this case, 2011 was an incredible year and as I look back, I’m overwhelmed with topics to write about.

Here are some standout memories:

2011 was a record year for me as far as the college tour goes. So many great memories. I performed in more colleges than ever this year. While it was hard on my body and mind at times, I got through it with the help of friends, loved ones and amazing audiences.

Did some great TV with ABC6/FOX28 Columbus’s Johnny DiLoretto – some of my first experience with LIVE television. I learned that live TV can be a very difficult thing – Johnny handles it like a pro. When it goes well, it’s exhilarating!

I began my commercial acting career in 2011, and worked on commercials and industrials for Intel, Ohio Lottery, Kemba Financial and a few others!

In 2011, I offered an original creation as my first release to the magic community. repAIR is a Popped and Restored Balloon effect that has never been seen before in the history of magic. It was met with favorable reviews and has sold really well so far.

The Free Beer Tour* was an event that I put together with Corey Montie where I toured local bars and taught attendees bar bets that they could use to scam their friends out of free drinks.

In probably one of the most important things I’ve done in my career, I helped Hopeline, and Post Secret raise money for Suicide Awareness through this PSA.

Predictions for 2012:

  • The Kardashians will become irrelevant. Until one of them does something stupid that acts like catnip for humans and makes television gossip shows go apeshit crazy. The American Public will be thrown into an uproar and they will get government involved, who will use new National Defense Legislation to hold the Kardashians in an undisclosed location. This will launch the Kardashians into a new Reality (ever wonder why reality shows hire writers?) show called “The Kardashians Appeal to Congress.”

  • Apple will come out with a product that you never knew you needed. By next December, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  • McDonalds will work with Paula Dean to introduce a new product called “McFatass.”

  • A Republican presidential candidate will say something stupid.

  • A group of people with Mayan ancestry will finally reveal the secret “Part 2” of the calendar they’ve been hiding.

  • Playboy will offer $50M to Betty White to pose nude. She will accept.

  • An asteroid will come so close to the Earth that TV News networks will actually be forced to report actual news. The Huffington Post will bump their previous lead-story about what Whoopie said yesterday on The View.

  • Someone will ask me If I can make them disappear.

  • You will receive a bad haircut.

  • Betty White’s Playboy spread will launch her into a career in pornography, shocking everyone who thought the first Golden Girl to do porn would be Rue McClanahan.

  • The Presidential race will end in chaos when Major News networks announce that the candidate with the most electoral votes was Exxon Mobil.

  • You will fall in love.

  • For me, I can already tell that 2012 has some exciting things coming. Two of them I can’t talk about quite yet, but soon! If you get on my mailing list by entering your email address above or clicking here, I guarantee you’ll hear about them! As always, I usually tweet about things as they happen! I hope everyone has had an amazing Holiday Season. Have a wonderful and fun-filled New Years Eve. Make sure you kiss your loved one and hold them tight. If you don’t have a loved one, grab the person next to you and smooch. The memory of the kiss will long outlast the bruise you’ll receive from his or her significant other.

    Stay tuned,

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    The Grateful Magician

    Nov 21, 2011

    The grateful magician acknowledges and recognizes the magicians that have come before him or her that have allowed the new presentations, methods, ideas and effects to flourish.

    The grateful magician thanks his or her audiences for allowing themselves to be entertained by a complete stranger.

    The grateful magician understands that people have many things to do. Watching a magic show doesn’t have to be one of them. They have made a choice to watch. And for that, a magician should be grateful.

    The grateful magician thanks those in charge of hiring him or her and treats them with nothing but humble respect. A grateful magician is not a diva.

    The grateful magician appreciates all types of audience members. Even silent ones.

    The grateful magician supports those who create magic and pays for books, videos and effects rather than pirating and sharing them.

    The grateful magician does not refuse to perform when asked.

    The grateful magician realizes the sacrifice and dedication to those who work in theater, sound & lighting, booking, tech, crew, advertising and other behind-the-scenes roles and thanks them accordingly.

    This Thanksgiving, I hope we (magicians) all try to be grateful magicians. And after Thanksgiving, let’s try to be grateful every day.

    I’m going to start by thanking all of you who regularly read my blog. Thank you all. This applause is for you.

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    Here is the article from the Hamilton Journal News:

    FAIRFIELD — A night of irreverent comedy and magic taking place in Fairfield this weekend will bring a smile not only to an adult’s face, but children’s as well.

    The Fairfield Community Arts Center hosts magician and comedian Michael Kent on Saturday as part of its EnterAct Family Series.
    Kent — who has performed in such locales as Hollywood, Las Vegas and in South Korea for United States Army soldiers, in addition to performances for corporations such as Honda of America, Time Warner and AT&T — is known for his family friendly performances, said Heidi Schiller, manager of the Fairfield Community Arts Center.

    Schiller first came into contact with Kent during a showcase he performed at the 2010 Ohio Arts Presenters Network annual convention, she said.

    “I saw Michael’s showcase last year and was really taken with how well he connected with the children,” Schiller said. “He was just wonderful with the kids.”

    Kent’s ability to connect with children was the basis for the FCAC booking him for the EnterAct Family series, Schiller said.
    “He is family-friendly and very sought after all over the country,” Schiller said. “That’s why we chose him.”
    This will be the first Fairfield performance for Kent, who is originally from Urbana and lives in Columbus. He said he combines magic and comedy in his routines — often poking fun at himself — and encourages audience participation.

    “I’ve always loved to perform for the families,” Kent said. “I’ll have five to seven kids on stage who’ll be part of the show and star in the show. A lot of people will participate from their seats as well.”

    Kent got started in magic at the age of six with a magic kit, he said, and his love of magic continued into adulthood.
    “For some reason I kept doing it,” Kent said.

    Comedy began to interest Kent while in college, which led to him performing during open-mic nights at clubs. It was when Kent combined the two art forms — magic and comedy — that Kent realized he be his own self on stage while performing and be proficient at it.
    “That’s when it started working and I began to realize that it could support me and be my career,” Kent said.

    Contact this writer at

    What: EnterAct Family Series featuring comedian/magician Michael Kent (for grades 5 and higher)
    When: 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5
    Where: Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Drive, Fairfield
    Cost: $5 for children 12 and younger, $7 for adults
    More info, tickets: (513) 867-5348

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    I visited Richard Stockton College of New Jersey on September 7th to perform the Inaugural performance in the new Theater in the brand spankin’ new Campus Center. The new theater is beautiful and well set up for a show like mine. I can imagine that room being fantastic for guest lecturers to the university. After some initial issues adjusting to the brand new sound system, we finally got up and running and had an absolutely fantastic show.

    Halfway through the show, I recognized Stockton College’s own resident magician (Magic Chad)

    Michael "Magic Battles" Magic Chad

    and told the audience, jokingly, that he and I would have a magic battle at the end of the show. The audience didn’t forget! As we neared the end, the audience started yelling “Magic Battle!” AWESOME. I gladly invited Chad onstage to perform and he did an AMAZING piece with a 6 digit number and a lot of math. I closed the show with my trademark Stars routine (as not to be outdone). Magic Chad yelled “You Win!” from the back of the room, but to be honest, his routine was pretty killer. Enjoy these GREAT pictures of the show, taken by Stef Haar.

    Special thanks to Stockton’s programming board, S.E.T.!

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