Michael Kent Faces Epic “Magic Battle” in New Jersey

Sep 9, 2011

I visited Richard Stockton College of New Jersey on September 7th to perform the Inaugural performance in the new Theater in the brand spankin’ new Campus Center. The new theater is beautiful and well set up for a show like mine. I can imagine that room being fantastic for guest lecturers to the university. After some initial issues adjusting to the brand new sound system, we finally got up and running and had an absolutely fantastic show.

Halfway through the show, I recognized Stockton College’s own resident magician (Magic Chad)

Michael "Magic Battles" Magic Chad

and told the audience, jokingly, that he and I would have a magic battle at the end of the show. The audience didn’t forget! As we neared the end, the audience started yelling “Magic Battle!” AWESOME. I gladly invited Chad onstage to perform and he did an AMAZING piece with a 6 digit number and a lot of math. I closed the show with my trademark Stars routine (as not to be outdone). Magic Chad yelled “You Win!” from the back of the room, but to be honest, his routine was pretty killer. Enjoy these GREAT pictures of the show, taken by Stef Haar.

Special thanks to Stockton’s programming board, S.E.T.!

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  1. Chad Juros
    September 9th, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    I went to go see Michael Kent at my college the other night and he rocked the house! His energy with students is out of this world and super fun. Calling me up on stage was a complete surprise and very cool of Michael to do so. I look forward to chilling with him in the future and continue to be great friends.