When I was a kid growing up in Urbana, Ohio, entertainment options were limited. There were always high-school sporting events to watch. Older kids would “cruise the lot” (I never understood this. They would literally just driv1381953_577066178996778_1550476498_ne in circles in the big empty parking lot behind K-Mart). And of course, there was the movie theatre. It was a twin-cinema theatre with second-run movies for cheap prices. If you were special, you had a friend who worked there and could watch for free from the viewing booth upstairs. The theatre was originally opened in 1918 as a Vaudeville Theatre and named “The Gloria” in 1941. When the movie theatre went out of business a few years ago, it was purchased and restored to a single room theatre. The idea was to restore the Gloria to its original role: a small town venue for live performing arts.

I’m happy to announce that on September 13th,  I’ll be one of the first of hopefully many touring entertainers to perform at the newly restored Gloria Theatre. The show, brought to you by The Champaign County Arts Council and Grandworks Foundation, will be a Family-Friendly show, so bring the whole family!

Michael Kent: LIVE at the Gloria
Family Friendly Comedy and Magic Show
Brought to you by The Champaign County Arts Council and GrandWorks Foundation
DATE: Sunday September 13, 2015
TIME: 4:00pm
Tickets: $15

Click below to purchase tickets through PayPal. Tickets are $15 each and children 10 and
under are free.


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I’ll be returning to good ole’ Urbana, OH on Thursday, March 24th to support the arts.  It’s a special show to raise money for the Champaign County Arts Council with dinner, an auction and of course, my ridiculousness.

Some facts about Urbana, OH:

  • Ohio Magazine named Urbana as “Best Hometown” in 2011.
  • Most Airplane lights were designed and manufactured in Urbana.
  • The high school mascot is the Hillclimber. Because to get to the high school, you have to – get this – climb a hill.
  • The weekly Champaign County Farmers Market in downtown Urbana was deemed as one of America’s four favorite farmers markets by the American Farmland Trust.
  • Some of my first shows were at the old Champaign County Library – also where I first borrowed magic books and learned the art.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the movie “Little Giants” was not set in Urbana. It was a fictional town called “Urbania, OH.” I have no idea why people confuse the two.
  • The high school in Urbana looks like a castle. It’s pretty unique.
  • Lincoln’s funeral train stopped in Urbana for 20 minutes on its way to bring Lincoln home to Illinois.
  • It is said you can see the Lincoln Ghost Train on certain nights. It’s also said you can see the ghosts of your past at Bracken’s Pub downtown.

  • The Arts Council event is taking place at 6pm (show is at 8:00pm) on March 24 at 119 Miami St., Urbana, OH. Tickets are $15 and are available at the Arts Council Office, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy and Peoples Savings Bank in Urbana. This will be a PG-13 show. Join the Champaign County Arts Council’s Facebook Fan Page here. Click the article above to read about the performance from the Springfield News-Sun. I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and giving to the arts community in Urbana.

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    More photos, videos and more at:

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    Walking in to the American Legion Hall in Ft. Jennings, Ohio, I knew it was going to be a fun one! I was scheduled to perform with Hypnotist and friend, Bill Gladwell. The event was an Annual Comedy Night Fundraiser for the Ft. Jennings Volunteer Fire Department. There were more people in the American Legion than there were houses in Ft. Jennings and the alcohol was flowing.

    Photo from Lake Superior State University

    When I tell people that I tour colleges, they often assume that I perform for drunk people a lot. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the case of 95% of college performances, my show is brought to campus as the alternative to going out and drinking. And many of my shows occur on weeknights anyway (I know, since when did that stop college students from getting flagrantly hammered on four loko!?) In any case, It’s the corporate events that I do where I encounter the drunk audience members. Both the Chicken Trick Volunteer and the Money Trick Volunteer were pretty damn drunk at the Ft. Jennings show.

    The volunteer I used for the Chicken Trick was all over the place. I had to really reel her in. After the show, she told me she took it easy on me. I wish she would have let me have it! The volunteer for the Money Trick had a killer line that brought the house down.

    Me: What if your $20 bill was back together, still had your name on it…and was in THAT box?

    Her: Better than MY box!

    Wow. Just….wow. The show was very rowdy and went way long because we were all having so much fun.

    The previous night, I had been in Ft. Wayne, IN performing for one of my favorite corporate groups there. It’s a small group of 35-50 therapists – all women. They have a good time and get rowdy in a different way than the Ft. Jennings crowd. While in Fort Wayne, I had a few minutes to visit Dick Stoner’s magic shop, “Stoner’s.” Dick Stoner is a friend who has come to see my show in the past. He’s a legend in the world of Comedy Magic. Dick has been doing this so well and for so long that he’s got clients that have had him perform for their event for upwards of 45 consecutive years. After my show, I also had some free time to visit Dominick at Donny Manco’s New Republic Tattoo Studio and get a tattoo I’ve been wanting:

    Before heading to Ft. Wayne (not sure why I’m doing this blog post in reverse chronological order), I got to perform in my hometown of Urbana, OH. Photos here! I talked about Urbana in my previous entry, so I won’t get into it too much here. We got a good turnout for a small (900 people) school! The night before that, I was all the way up in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Sault Ste. Marie, or “The Soo,” is on the Canadian border and has a bridge shaped like a moustache. I got a tour of the city and got to see the famous Sault Ste. Marie Locks.

    The TSA played a trick on me on the way up to The Soo. I had something like 200 promotional microfiber lens wipes in my luggage in one of the pockets. The un-nested my nest of boxes and put the lens wipes in the smallest box – as many as they could fit…along with the little TSA “we went through your shit” note. It was funny and I laughed, but TSA really pisses me off sometimes. They put the boxes back inside one another incorrectly and could have damaged them. I once tried to file a claim when the TSA incorrectly re-packed a case and damaged it. It went nowhere. When you file a claim with the TSA, they just blame the airlines. And because I will launch into an angry rant that will make me sound like a crazy Libertarian (I am not), I won’t get into the TSA’s use of invasive and potentially dangerous back scatter X-ray scanners or groping pat-down procedures.

    Regardless of the TSA’s antics, they didn’t stop me from having a killer show at Lake Superior State University and after the show, the students took me out for bar food! Also at the last two college shows, I wore a fun new purple jacket (as seen above).

    Wednesday night I head to Pittsburgh, PA to perform at Duquesne University then I finish out the year with a couple more colleges, trip to the middle of nowhere (near Fargo!), a show in Brooklyn and a handful of local corporate events! Looking forward to every one of them!

    peace, love and drunken chicken choking,

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