All of the Joke/Story/Trick Videos in One Place

Last year, I started a series of videos called Joke/Story/Trick. It was meant to be a thing I did every week, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. I still have ambitions to do them more often. We’ll see what happens. Here I’ve compiled the first 8 J/S/T videos for you all in one place (Also – note there’s usually a little surprise at the end of each video)! Story about Michael's Tour, a web site for young magicians to learn stuff, has written about me on their blog. “It was an incredible 15-day tour on 10 US Army bases,” Kent said. “I was doing college shows and I loved doing them, but I wanted to give back more. These people were so appreciative it was really fulfilling and it became difficult to leave each night.” Read the full text here.

About the New Joke/Story/Trick Web Video Series

I’ve been wanting to do a regular video series for a long time but I’ve finally taken the time to put it together. So I present to you “Joke/Story/Trick,” a regular video series wherein I (imagine this) tell a joke, share a story and perform a trick. I’ve got about a million ideas for things to feature in the videos, so please keep checking my youtube profile for updates. I’ll also post the videos here. I hope to do 1-2 a week and they’ll be filmed in random places like hotel rooms, green rooms, backstage areas, etc. I even … Read more