Oovooing During My Show in Maine

Had a unique experience happen tonight at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. Guy in the front row had earphones in and was on his laptop. Here’s what happened….

Four-Legged Birds in Wisconsin

Show for 300-400 in La Crosse, WI at Viterbo University – home of the Viterbo V-Hawks (what?). Me: Name a four-legged animal. Her: Bird! Audience: ha! 45 minutes later: Me: What is your school’s mascot here? Them: V-Hawk! Me: What the hell is a V-hawk. Hilarious audience member: It’s a four-legged bird! LOVED IT. There’s been a real sense of spontaneity and variety in these last few shows that really makes me enjoy myself onstage. On top of that, the last couple shows have been fun simply due to outstanding facilities, students and production staff. Two nights ago in Manchester, … Read more

Midwest Shows

Driving through the back country really makes me want it to be fall already. It’s almost time for College Football and beautiful orange colors on the trees during drives through New England. Fall is my favorite season. It looks like I might even be home for Halloween this year. I haven’t been home for Halloween in years.

The Fall Tour Begins!

I started the fall tour on Saturday in Springfield, MO performing at Missouri State University’s “Bear Bash,” which sounds kinda like a promotions night at a gay bar, but instead is an AWESOME event put on by Missouri State’s student activities.

The Hard Part

I hear it all the time. “You’re so lucky to making a living doing what you love.” And I am. They quote the old saying, “Do something you love and never work a day in your life.” That’s partly true, but not entirely. There are hard parts to doing what I do. For starters, I spend a lot of time away from loved ones. It stinks, but it comes with the territory. It makes it really nice to come home, though. To have friends, family and dogs waiting for me to return is really nice. I’m fortunate to have that. … Read more

New Mobile Notes Category

After WordPress, the software I use to write this blog, updated their iPhone app, I’m compelled to start blogging from the road more often. So Ive created a category called “mobile notes”. The mobile notes section will be filled with a different type of notes than usual. Many mobile notes will be microblog style brief thoughts and observations. Others will be longer notes to relieve boredom on the airplanes. Less links and photos. Just observations and notes here and there. I’m writing this note at 20,000 ft on my way to Minnesota for NACA Northern Plains where I’ll spend a … Read more