I Asked AI to Create Images of Famous Magicians

Doug Henning Magician

I used MidJourney, an AI image creation tool, to create images of famous magicians using nothing but the magicians’ names. The result was pretty entertaining, and perhaps a pretty good clue as to the popularity (or at least ubiquity) of these celebrity magicians. You’ll see, some of these got pretty close (Doug Henning, David Blaine, Mat Franco) and some of them are just plain weird (Penn & Teller). Which one is your favorite? Doug Henning (AI):                 Doug Henning (real photo):               David Blaine (AI):     … Read more

Corporate Magician Booking – 5 Tips

So you’d like to hire a corporate magician to entertain at your corporate event. Here are 5 things to know! Before we begin, a little about corporate magician, Michael Kent: Michael is a comedian and magician from Columbus, OH who performs full-time and tours internationally year-round. While he may be known for performing in America’s colleges and universities, Michael has also performed several hundred shows as a corporate magician, entertaining prestigious groups like Disney, Citizen Watch Co., Bulova, Ernst & Young, AT&T, PwC, Honda, Pepsi Co., and hundreds more. You can read just a few of the glowing reviews from these … Read more

Being a College Magician

An Interview with a College Magician Reveals the Ins and Outs of a Fast-Paced Performing Career Michael Kent, College Magician, has been performing a comedy magic show on America’s college campuses for more than a decade. Since that time, he’s become one of the top Comedy Magicians available for Campus Activities and has been referred to by Campus Activities Magazine as “one of the most respected and in-demand performers in the campus market.” In 2014, he was awarded the rare honor of being named both “Entertainer of the Year” by Campus Activities Magazine and “Magician of the Year” by The … Read more

21 Flights in 12 Days – How I Manage

That’s how many individual flights I took over the last couple weeks. From Baltimore MD, Chicago IL, Flagstaff AZ, Alpine TX, Lyndonville VT, Melbourne FL, to Bloomington & Mattoon IL with a few dates in Ohio sprinkled in, this has been a whirlwind tour so far. 21 total flights in just 12 days of traveling. Despite the fact that I spend over 200 days a year on the road, I’ve been coping pretty well. On some days, I have extreme travel adversity – like last month when I had 4 cancelled flights, 3 delays and a closed airport and STILL … Read more

Michael Kent Talks About Comedy in Magic – Podcast

I recently chatted with the guys at Ellusionist.com, a web site for magicians to talk about my ideas about the use of comedy in my magic. From Ellusionist.com: Michael Kent is a master at getting laughs. His smartass personality gives his magic an edge that keeps fans engaged, impressed and energized. He is the life of the party during his shows, and that’s no accident. He figures out exactly what kind of reactions he wants, then sets his performance accordingly. Thanks to Ellusionist.com for asking me to do the interview. Feel free to comment on the story!