Updated July 14, 2020

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the changes being made to successfully and safely produce an in-person Michael Kent magic show. It’s extremely important to us that the attendees of your event are safe, comfortable and aware of precautions being made to limit their exposure. In-person events will be a scary thing for many people who have been quarantining since March and it’s crucial not only to take these steps, but to also let them know that we are taking their health seriously.

  • Signs should be posted at the door to let attendees know that masks should be worn and those feeling ill should not attend. If required by your institution, seats may be blocked off to promote social distancing.
  • The entire show can be performed without bringing students onstage. This decision is left up to the buyer based on the restrictions and guidelines of the venue/institution. When volunteers are used in the show, they can remain in their seat and participate from there.
  • Multiple use items, like the pencils used by the audience members as they enter the room, will be replaced with giveaway items (if available) or audience members will be used to ask their own writing utensils.
  • Michael will be traveling with and using his own microphone.
  • For the time being, walk-around promotional teasers and post-show meet & greets will be halted. To limit interaction, merch sales will be suspended.
  • Michael will be wearing a mask from the time he arrives until after he walks onstage. He will replace the mask at the end of the show. If required by the venue/institution, he will wear the mask during the show. 
  • Items that will be used by volunteers will be cleaned & disinfected.
  • Some items (like playing cards) will be replaced for every performance.
  • A new, promotional teaser video will be recorded by Michael for each event to promote your show. In this teaser, Michael will explain that all precautions will be taken to make sure that the show is a safe, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Please refer to the booking agent for all additional concerns/issues/questions.