Four-Legged Birds in Wisconsin

Show for 300-400 in La Crosse, WI at Viterbo University – home of the Viterbo V-Hawks (what?).

Me: Name a four-legged animal.
Her: Bird!
Audience: ha!

45 minutes later:

Me: What is your school’s mascot here?
Them: V-Hawk!
Me: What the hell is a V-hawk.
Hilarious audience member: It’s a four-legged bird!

LOVED IT. There’s been a real sense of spontaneity and variety in these last few shows that really makes me enjoy myself onstage. On top of that, the last couple shows have been fun simply due to outstanding facilities, students and production staff.

Two nights ago in Manchester, NH – the awesome freshman class at St. Anselm roared through the whole show. It was also nice of my agent, Laura (based in Manchester) to bring a dozen friends to the show to see me.

I’m now finding myself with an off day tomorrow – then two more days at home before I hit the road again. Very tired – but excited about the show right now.

peace, love and four-legged vhawks,

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