I Asked AI to Create Images of Famous Magicians

I used MidJourney, an AI image creation tool, to create images of famous magicians using nothing but the magicians’ names. The result was pretty entertaining, and perhaps a pretty good clue as to the popularity (or at least ubiquity) of these celebrity magicians. You’ll see, some of these got pretty close (Doug Henning, David Blaine, Mat Franco) and some of them are just plain weird (Penn & Teller). Which one is your favorite?

Doug Henning (AI):

Doug Henning Magician









Doug Henning (real photo):








David Blaine (AI):
David Blaine magician









David Blaine (real photo):











Tommy Cooper (AI):









Tommy Cooper (real photo):









Paul Daniels (AI):









Paul Daniels (real photo):
famous magician Paul Daniels








Mat Franco (AI):









Mat Franco (real photo):
famous magician mat Franco












David Copperfield (AI):









David Copperfield (real photo):
David copper field famous magician








Shin Lim (AI):









Shin Lim (real photo):
famous magician Shin Lim










Penn & Teller (AI):









Penn & Teller (real photo):








Criss Angel (AI):









Criss Angel (real photo):







Harry Houdini (AI):









Harry Houdini (real photo):











Piff the Magic Dragon (AI):









Piff the Magic Dragon (real photo):









Siegfried and Roy (AI):









Siegfried and Roy (real photo):