Midwest Shows

The last week has been full of some beautiful views of the Midwest. I snapped this photo while driving through Western Ohio into Indiana on Tuesday.

Driving through the back country really makes me want it to be fall already. It’s almost time for College Football and beautiful orange colors on the trees during drives through New England. Fall is my favorite season. It looks like I might even be home for Halloween this year. I haven’t been home for Halloween in years.

I’ve been working hard on the road, and have had nothing but good shows so far. 3 out of the first five shows have resulted in standing ovations, a few new things are working well here and there (the new opening bit is working well) and I’m just getting started. I’d love to have a few more pictures to show you, but I left my digital camera back in Missouri, so they’re shipping it back for me. The picture above was taken with my iPhone 4 and edited with the Camera Bag App Not bad at all!

Last night’s show at Indiana University Kokomo was fun. It was a 6pm show, which is early, but its mainly a non-traditional commuter campus, so that’s a difficult time to try to get folks to come. Attendance suffered due to the nature of the college and the way their programming works, but it allowed me to do a different style of show. Half the show was done off-mic and I was able to throw in some close-up magic into the show that I normally don’t do. I also had the opportunity to talk back and forth with the 35-40 audience members a little more casually during the show. As one of the students pointed out, it’s about quality, not quantity!

U-Gene, Professional Wrestler
Tonight I’ll be at Indiana University Southeast. I was here earlier this year and I’m looking forward to another good crowd. I think tonight will be a bit larger than last time. My good buddy and professional wrestler, U-Gene, will get to come to the show and hang out afterward – which is always a good time. I met U-Gene in Korea when we were both touring there.

Tomorrow I drive back to Ohio to perform near home at Ohio Wesleyan University! I get to sleep in my own bed, so that will be nice. But then it’s off to the east coast in the morning after that!

I love the comments and the Facebook Likes and Retweets, so keep them coming – I really appreciate all of the support!

peace, love and beautiful summer drives through the country,