New Mobile Notes Category

After WordPress, the software I use to write this blog, updated their iPhone app, I’m compelled to start blogging from the road more often. So Ive created a category called “mobile notes”. The mobile notes section will be filled with a different type of notes than usual. Many mobile notes will be microblog style brief thoughts and observations. Others will be longer notes to relieve boredom on the airplanes. Less links and photos. Just observations and notes here and there.

I’m writing this note at 20,000 ft on my way to Minnesota for NACA Northern Plains where I’ll spend a couple days hanging out with friends before flying to Hartford to perform at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. This trip marks my first as a Southwest Airlines A-List Member, which pretty much just means I get better seats and shorter lines. In reality, it means that I fly way too damn much.

I just had a conversation with the guy next to me who has two sons that have played football for Penn State, one of whom is a also a starting pitcher there. Really interesting guy. Also a pilot. It’s always interesting and awkward e ding airplane e conversation. If you don’t end the conversation, you spend the entire flight talking, which I can’t do – especially on the way to a show. But there has to be some “marker” that the conversation is over without being rude. In this case, I picked up my phone and he picked up his reading glasses at the same time, so it wasn’t awkward. I’m really stsrtingto associaten with Tyler Durden’s “single serving friend” philosophy.

Also, my mobile notes won’t have any sort of salutations a
or goodbyes.