Microphone Consulting

Michael is available to consult with performers on adapting their show to use a handheld microphone. Michael will come to your location and work with you on blocking, scripting, choreography and routining in order to use a handheld mic. Michael charges a daily fee plus travel. Please contact for scheduling and availability.

repAIR – Popped & Restored Balloon Magic Trick

Michael Kent’s repAIR is visual magic that blows people away. A balloon is inflated then popped. The pieces are torn even more, the balloon is completely destroyed. Then impossibly you restore it to its original state. RepAIR grabs the attention of everyone in the room. It’s visual, deceptive and completely impossible. Your hands are completely empty before AND after. There’s no need to load ditch or swallow anything. The method is extremely practical, and happens right in front of their faces. All you need is to buy some balloons and you have everything you need to perform this mind blowing miracle.
Price: $14.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.
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