Microphone Management for Magicians

Why using a handheld microphone will make you a better performer.

By  Michael Kent

Whether you’re currently using a headworn or lavalier microphone and want to switch to a handheld, or you’re currently using a handheld and want to make your show better, you will definitely benefit from the wealth of information in this lecture! Microphone Management for Magicians will teach you how to adapt your show to be able to use a handheld microphone whenever you want.

“Michael Kent is one of the busiest magicians in America. And he is a master at using the handheld microphone.  Those two facts are related.”
-Ken Weber, Author of Maximum Entertainment

Using a handheld microphone is an art, and Michael Kent is an artist.”
-Brent Braun, The Magic Firm

“I don’t publicly endorse any magic product. But will publicly endorse this lecture on microphone management. The information Michael shares is not limited to magicians, it’s for anyone that speaks for a living. Microphone management skills is what separates the amateurs from the professionals and Michael will teach you everything you need to know to make you a pro when using a microphone. He even shares very important and useful information on why you should record every show beyond evaluating your act. To any pro or aspiring professional this not a “go buy” lecture this is a “MUST BUY” lecture.”
-Ran Shine, Two Time APCA Magician of the Year

Join Michael Kent on this informative lecture, where you’ll learn:

  • The many benefits of using a handheld microphone
  • Tips, tricks and techniques to use a microphone like a pro
  • The technical ins and outs of handheld microphones
  • An assortment of “PRO TIPS” that have nothing to do with microphones!
  • Run Time: 90 minutes
  • $49.95 – Download or Stream
  • High Quality, Multiple Camera Video
  • Lecture in front of live audience
  • Includes: HD (1080p) lecture Video, Read-Along Slides, & Buyers Guide with links to all of the gear mentioned in the video!
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