The Grateful Magician

Nov 21, 2011

The grateful magician acknowledges and recognizes the magicians that have come before him or her that have allowed the new presentations, methods, ideas and effects to flourish.

The grateful magician thanks his or her audiences for allowing themselves to be entertained by a complete stranger.

The grateful magician understands that people have many things to do. Watching a magic show doesn’t have to be one of them. They have made a choice to watch. And for that, a magician should be grateful.

The grateful magician thanks those in charge of hiring him or her and treats them with nothing but humble respect. A grateful magician is not a diva.

The grateful magician appreciates all types of audience members. Even silent ones.

The grateful magician supports those who create magic and pays for books, videos and effects rather than pirating and sharing them.

The grateful magician does not refuse to perform when asked.

The grateful magician realizes the sacrifice and dedication to those who work in theater, sound & lighting, booking, tech, crew, advertising and other behind-the-scenes roles and thanks them accordingly.

This Thanksgiving, I hope we (magicians) all try to be grateful magicians. And after Thanksgiving, let’s try to be grateful every day.

I’m going to start by thanking all of you who regularly read my blog. Thank you all. This applause is for you.

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I had a great show last night at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, OH – the next to the last show of the fall tour! I performed in Rickly Chapel, an upstairs auditorium on campus. Normally at Heidelberg, I can’t perform without a train going by every five minutes (and by “by” I mean literally BY – the tain train tracks are 50 feet away), but for some reason there were NO trains during my show. A Thanksgiving Miracle!

One mishap during the show. After visiting someone in the front row near the top of the show, I decided to return to the state by hopping up rather than using the stairs at the side. The result was my back pocket getting caught up on the edge of the stage and me being pulled down violently. It was funny at the time, but I’m sore this morning. I think I injured my butt-bone. Do I have a butt-bone? I can’t wait to see the weirdo traffic that “butt bone” brings to my site.

Here are some photos from the evening. The part where I’m laying on the stage are immediately after my “mishap.” Thanks to Lacey Squire for the photos.

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I consider making people laugh one of the most important things I can do. Occasionally, I get the opportunity to do something more important than that.

I recently worked with‘s Reese Butler and PostSecret‘s Frank Warren on a project to help them raise money for suicide prevention during DC Gives on November 9. They have produced a deck of cards that feature warning signs for friends and family members to look out for to identify a loved one at risk. Their idea was to have a magician display these cards and they selected me to shoot this project with them. The video will be used after the DC Gives event to continue to raise money for Suicide Prevention via Hopeline, which is the 1-800-SUICIDE support hotline and, a 24/7 suicide prevention chat line. The specially printed playing cards, along with special wristbands (also seen in the video) will be available after the November 9 DC Gives event by donating to Hopeline.

Subscribers to my “Michael Mail” E-newsletter got an exclusive look at this video earlier this week (to get on this list, type your email in the box on the upper right corner of my website or click here). Please help benefit this great cause and spread this video out to your social networks via Facebook, Twitter and email by using the share icons below.

Thank you,

P.S. Within minutes of this video going live on my YouTube Account yesterday, a young man contacted me, seeking help.

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Here is the article from the Hamilton Journal News:

FAIRFIELD — A night of irreverent comedy and magic taking place in Fairfield this weekend will bring a smile not only to an adult’s face, but children’s as well.

The Fairfield Community Arts Center hosts magician and comedian Michael Kent on Saturday as part of its EnterAct Family Series.
Kent — who has performed in such locales as Hollywood, Las Vegas and in South Korea for United States Army soldiers, in addition to performances for corporations such as Honda of America, Time Warner and AT&T — is known for his family friendly performances, said Heidi Schiller, manager of the Fairfield Community Arts Center.

Schiller first came into contact with Kent during a showcase he performed at the 2010 Ohio Arts Presenters Network annual convention, she said.

“I saw Michael’s showcase last year and was really taken with how well he connected with the children,” Schiller said. “He was just wonderful with the kids.”

Kent’s ability to connect with children was the basis for the FCAC booking him for the EnterAct Family series, Schiller said.
“He is family-friendly and very sought after all over the country,” Schiller said. “That’s why we chose him.”
This will be the first Fairfield performance for Kent, who is originally from Urbana and lives in Columbus. He said he combines magic and comedy in his routines — often poking fun at himself — and encourages audience participation.

“I’ve always loved to perform for the families,” Kent said. “I’ll have five to seven kids on stage who’ll be part of the show and star in the show. A lot of people will participate from their seats as well.”

Kent got started in magic at the age of six with a magic kit, he said, and his love of magic continued into adulthood.
“For some reason I kept doing it,” Kent said.

Comedy began to interest Kent while in college, which led to him performing during open-mic nights at clubs. It was when Kent combined the two art forms — magic and comedy — that Kent realized he be his own self on stage while performing and be proficient at it.
“That’s when it started working and I began to realize that it could support me and be my career,” Kent said.

Contact this writer at

What: EnterAct Family Series featuring comedian/magician Michael Kent (for grades 5 and higher)
When: 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5
Where: Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Drive, Fairfield
Cost: $5 for children 12 and younger, $7 for adults
More info, tickets: (513) 867-5348

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See the photos here!

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Here’s a slideshow from my recent show at Tiffin University!

Click here for a link to the photos!

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Michael "Magic Battles" Magic Chad

I visited Richard Stockton College of New Jersey on September 7th to perform the Inaugural performance in the new Theater in the brand spankin’ new Campus Center. The new theater is beautiful and well set up for a show like mine. I can imagine that room being fantastic for guest lecturers to the university. After some initial issues adjusting to the brand new sound system, we finally got up and running and had an absolutely fantastic show.

Halfway through the show, I recognized Stockton College’s own resident magician (Magic Chad)

Michael "Magic Battles" Magic Chad

and told the audience, jokingly, that he and I would have a magic battle at the end of the show. The audience didn’t forget! As we neared the end, the audience started yelling “Magic Battle!” AWESOME. I gladly invited Chad onstage to perform and he did an AMAZING piece with a 6 digit number and a lot of math. I closed the show with my trademark Stars routine (as not to be outdone). Magic Chad yelled “You Win!” from the back of the room, but to be honest, his routine was pretty killer. Enjoy these GREAT pictures of the show, taken by Stef Haar.

Special thanks to Stockton’s programming board, S.E.T.!

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I’m excited to announce that my original popped and restored balloon effect, repAIR, is now available for purchase worldwide, making it my first ever release to the magic community. repAIR is an effect in which a balloon is inflated, tied in a knot, popped, and then repAIRed and inflated once again. Your hands can be shown empty both before and after the trick.

repAIR is available exclusively through :: The Wire, and was one of the few tricks to be chosen to be launched along with the revolutionary new magic marketplace. From Theory11’s website:

Imagine it: You walk up to a group of people. After asking for one of the girls’ numbers and being rejected, you pull out a balloon from your pocket and begin to inflate it. You remove a pencil from your pocket and pop the balloon, scaring the crap out of the girl (whom you are probably too good for anyway) and she begins to cry. Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than a crying girl. You immediately start to massage the broken balloon pieces until they fuse together, allowing you to blow the balloon up once again. She gives you her number, but you don’t call because she’s been with all your friends. You instead make a fart noise with the balloon and put it back into your pocket – she doesn’t deserve it.
repAIR happens right in front of their faces and you’re able to show both hands completely empty before and after the effect. There’s no need to load, ditch or swallow anything. It’s super practical, extremely baffling, and looks like real magic.

$14.95 Available for instant download from

Also: Here’s a video of me performance repAIR to a packed house in Manchester, NH.

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One of the most awesomest things ever.

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