Michael Kent Talks About Comedy in Magic – Podcast

I recently chatted with the guys at Ellusionist.com, a web site for magicians to talk about my ideas about the use of comedy in my magic. You can hear the podcast HERE. From Ellusionist.com: Michael Kent is a master at getting laughs. His smartass personality gives his magic an edge that keeps fans engaged, impressed and energized. He is the life of the party during his shows, and that’s no accident. He figures out exactly what kind of reactions he wants, then sets his performance accordingly. Thanks to Ellusionist.com for asking me to do the interview. Feel free to comment … Read more

Interview for The Magic Newswire

The Magic Newswire is a blog/podcast for magicians.  There you will see interviews with entertainers like David Blaine, Lance Burton, Neil Patrick Harris and many others.  I was recently interviewed about playing colleges and about my recent trip to Korea. You can listen to the interview via flash HERE.

Ellusionist.com Story about Michael's Tour

Ellusionist.com, a web site for young magicians to learn stuff, has written about me on their blog. “It was an incredible 15-day tour on 10 US Army bases,” Kent said. “I was doing college shows and I loved doing them, but I wanted to give back more. These people were so appreciative it was really fulfilling and it became difficult to leave each night.” Read the full text here.

Review in Central Michigan Life

Originally Posted on 4/2/08 Source: http://www.cm-life.com Kent entertains with magical comedy By: Robert D. Pore Issue date: 3/31/08 Section: News The night ended with a story about childhood misery, a shower of confetti and applause. Comedian and magician Michael Kent finished his Friday act at Moore Hall’s Townsend Kiva by telling a story about how his dad had ruined his childhood with his explanation of where stars came from. As he finished, confetti magically appeared from his hand. Kent parodied fellow magician David Copperfield’s habit of telling sad stories about his childhood. “You don’t see magicians who make fun of … Read more

Review: Northeastern News

Originally Posted on 2/26/08 Source: Northeastern NewsBy Sean Leviashvili Michael Kent worked his magic as he performed a stand-up routine at afterHOURS Wednesday. As part of BananAwareness Week, Travis Weisberger, showcases chair for the Council for University Programs, arranged for Kent to perform at Northeastern. Kent is known for putting his own spin on a series of magic tricks by interacting with the audience and treating his act as a comedy routine, a task he admits can be a challenge. “I started doing comedy in college,” Kent said. “It is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. A comic only … Read more