Deep in The Heart of Texas – UTPA

I’ve had a few days off and some fun times and now it’s back to the grind! This week, I:

Fly to Raleigh, NC,
Drive to Greenville for a show at East Carolina University,
Fly to Manchester, NH,
Drive to Lyndonville, VT for a show at Lyndon State College,
Fly to Philadelphia, PA,
Drive to Lancaster, PA for NACA and to hang out with the Big Name Entertainment dudes,
Drive to Indiana, PA for a show at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and finally —
Drive home.

It will be a busy week! Still beats sitting behind a desk.

I had a funny experience at the airport leaving Columbus on the last trip. One of the props for my show that I carry on the plane with me is the “box inside a box inside a box etc.” I’ve been told by TSA that it looks exactly like what it is when it goes through the scanner. In fact, they’ll usually ask me “Is this just a box inside a box inside a box?” Sometimes I feel like putting a little mint or candy or something inside the smallest box for when they want to open them all. Leaving Columbus on Thursday, the TSA screener said to me “Geesh, how much do you TRAVEL? I see this thing ALL THE TIME.” haha Also, one of the blue parking lot shuttle drivers knows me by name now.

Last week I performed in Texas at UTPA (University of Texas Pan American). Usually branch campuses are small and I don’t expect much in the way of audience size or facilities. But WOW, was I wrong about that at UTPA. This school is huge, like 30k enrolled!

When I flew into Harlingen, TX, the rental car company gave me the biggest truck on their lot (I usually always just get the economy, but they were out). I’m not really good with trucks. In fact, the last time I drove a truck, I knocked over a brick wall in an accident referred to by friends as “The Kool-Aid Man Incident.”

When I got to Edinburg and arrived on UTPA’s campus, they had flyered th show pretty well. Here’s one of the posters:


The show went really well. My friend Norman Ng had performed there a couple weeks prior and had performed a snowstorm routine, as evidenced by a couple flakes around the stage. This actually made me kind of happy because my performance is so different than Norman’s and the students got to see a completely different form of entertainment. Also, because I close my show with a spoof on the snowstorm routine! hehe



After the show, there were lots of cool people that came up to say hi and I was flattered by all the pictures, autographs and friend adds. Thanks.


More photos from the UTPA show here.

Flying home, I took a picture of the gulf coast that was really amazing looking:


This week is going to be a tough-one travel wise, as noted above, so I really appreciate everyone’s support and love. Write me a note to read while sitting in an airport, backstage before a show, or in the hotel. I usually respond to just about everything. I can’t wait to visit North Carolina, see the fall leaves on the drive from NH to VT, hang with Jon and Evan in Lancaster, and finally see the famous campus of IUP that everyone seems to know about.

Finally, make sure you’re registered to vote and get out and VOTE! It’s the youth vote that is so important in this election. The majority of my readers are college age and you’re the ones that can be the ones to determine the future of this country. And while I’m on my election soap box, please educate yourself on the issues.

I have a ton to do before the next trip, so I will leave you all here!

peace, love and fall weather,

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