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Originally Posted on 4/1/08

Last week brought me to a couple more schools in Michigan. Driving toward Mt. Pleasant, MI was slightly eventful, as I hit a nasty patch of snow on the way there. It was pretty fierce, but only for about 20 minutes. Then it was sunny and nice out. Central Michigan is one of my favorite places to perform. The people are great there and the hotel has a jacuzzi in the room. And by “in the room” I mean literally right next to the bed. Slightly sketchy perhaps, but very awesome to relax and watch a movie while chilling in the jacuzzi.

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I did a noon teaser to promote the show in a couple different venues and that went very well. Here’s a creepy bird made out of hands outside one of the venues:

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Central did a good job of promoting the show. After censoring me, however, the newspaper article about me called me “Comic, Magician, Smarta.” I’m not lying – read it here:

CM-Life March 08

The posters that they had made for the event were great!

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The show took place at 9pm in a round room with awesome acoustics. Good crowd, great sound crew, and HUGE program board. I don’t have any photos from the show yet, but keep checking my Flickr Page for photos. I’m always adding new photos to it! The mascot for Central Michigan is the “Chips” – short for Chippewas. It’s cool and everything, but in Ohio we have/had the Shawnee Indians. I can’t imagine the Michigan Wolverines playing the Ohio State Shawns. On one side of the field you have a foul smelling nasty little dangerous rodent. On the other, some dude named Shawn. “What’s up…I’m Shawn.”

After the show, the program board people took me out to Bennigans – great times. Lots of laughing and I got to try out a thing using a borrowed watch that I don’t get to do very often.

Saturday brought me about 20 minutes away from Mt. Pleasant to Alma College in Alma, MI. I performed at Alma’s Sibs Weekend last year and they asked me back to perform again this year. The show took place in a chapel, which was kinda cool. I think I opened the show by saying “welcome to this holy place.”


My Little Sibs show is a bit different than the normal show in that it’s slightly cleaner. I don’t swear or anything in the show. But let’s face it – if hearing a magician say “shit” or “dick” is the worst thing a little kid sees on a college campus in 3 days, we’re doing pretty good.

Also notable – a group of students from Grand Valley State University drove an hour and a half to see my show at Alma! That’s dedication! I really appreciate that.


The people at Alma were super nice. I’ve had a great time there both times I’ve visited and can’t wait to come back again. Willard and Jake and the others made me feel at home! Also at the show were students from Hope College, Central Michigan and Adrian College as I found out after the show. That’s crazy. I appreciate it so much that people want to see the show. You have no idea.

This week I’ll be traveling to Philadelphia to perform at Neumann College on Thursday night, then back to Ohio to perform at Wilmington College in Wilmington, OH on Saturday.

peace, love and fan clubs,

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