My Visit to The Blue Angels

I spent last weekend in Pensacola, Florida to visit the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. “The Blues” asked me to come down and perform for their Christmas Party.  I’m sure they had no idea when they called me how much of a NERD I am for aviation.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with the men and women of the Blue Angels at their squadron at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola and got to see what their daily operations are like.  As I was walking up, the 4 diamond planes were finishing up their practice.  I got some great video of that (see below). Then I got the opportunity to walk around the hangar and meet with the pilots, the air crew and many of the nice folks I met back in August in Cleveland.

Here’s a clip of the pilots finishing up their daily practice and then me running into them in the hallway. If you’d like to see the video in high-quality, go HERE and click “watch in high quality” under the video window.

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