New michaelkentLIVE Website Coming Soon!

I’m excited to return to the Magic Castle in Hollywood this coming weekend, this time to perform with Theory11 LIVE, a show made up of various guest artists from the Theory11 group!

Shows lately have been a lot of fun! I just got back from a trip to North Carolina to perform with my buddy Ivan Pecel at UNC Pembroke. Sat on the runway for 2.5 hours in Raleigh trying to get home, though. That wasn’t fun. But by the time I got to my layover in Baltimore, that plane was having maintenance too, so I ended up getting home (almost) on time!

There’s an all new in the works! It will be a LOT more fun, as it will incorporate these travel blogs into the site much more seamlessly! In other words, it will motivate me to write more often about my travels. Hopefully will get off my ass and create more Joke/Story/Trick videos too!

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