New Photos from Michelle Black!

Finally got to see the results of a photo shoot I recently did with Michelle Black. Michelle is the photographer with whom I did the last round of promo shots and I was really pleased with the results. This shoot was done at and outside of Michelle’s new studio space.


Michelle’s got a really unique feel for the photos where she lets loose and has fun and the result are photos that almost have a sort of dark feel to them. That background intrigues me, because many photos that I appear in almost have the opposite affect, that being a corny or cheesy feel. Just like photos of my act – photos of me, when taken out of context – don’t convey the edge or intelligence of the show. They just come off looking cheesy. Michelle’s photos help me accomplish what I’m trying to do, which is have the pictures not just be good pictures of me, but share who I am. In this shoot, we were really trying to portray the show, which is a) conversational and b) friendly. Here are some samples of the awesome results:

Again – thanks to Michelle for scheduling me for this shoot. Like mine, her schedule has gotten significantly busier since our last shoot. I think its a testament to a good partnership!

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