Starting off 2009 With Some GREAT Shows

Hey Everyone!

It’s been forever since I’ve written on here and, sitting in a diner with a couple friends in Hartford, CT, I decided I needed to be a little more diligent about it.

Last year ended really well with the Blue Angels performance and there are lots of things to be excited about in 09.

First off, voting is JUST NOW ending for the Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards. I was nominated for two awards. In addition that excitement, I had a showcase at NACA Nationals, which is kinda like the Disneyland of Campus Activities. I had a great time – more about that later. This blog is starting to sound like a clips show on a sitcom when the writers were on vacation so they turn the whole episode into a bunch recaps of funny stuff that happened before. Let’s talk about some shows I’ve done so far this year.

I drove up to Alliance, OH in the snow in January to perform with the Showoff Show, good friends of mine and fellow BigName Entertainers at Mt. Union College. I performed my show first, and the Showoffs performed second. Here are a couple photos:


Then after my show, the Showoff Show surprised me with this:
It was a great time and I can’t wait to get back to Mt. Union!

After that I headed out to Massachusetts to perform at Bridgewater State College. This is the largest commuter campus I’ve ever seen. 10,000 students and most of them commute! So I was worried that having a weekend show there wouldn’t draw a crowd, but thankfully I was wrong. We had a great turnout and had a very fun show. The A/V tech told me a story about the last magician to perform there. They wouldn’t let him bring his appearing motorcycle in the building. When the performer was asked why he didn’t tell them about the motorcycle before hand, his answer was “It’s supposed to be a surprise!” hahaha Here’s a review from the Bridgewater State News about the show.

When I returned home, I immediately showered and headed downtown to perform for my friend Ricky’s going away party. Ricky was an athletic trainer for BalletMet in Columbus and left for Las Vegas to be a trainer for Criss Angel’s new show, beLIEve. Met some really cool folks and had a lot of fun performing in my home city for a change.

A day later, I flew down to Jacksonville, FL to perform at Jacksonville University. I got there early so I had time to have lunch downtown. I sat at a little microbrew on the river and ate outdoors on the patio. It was overcast but 65 degrees and NO one was eating outside. For Floridians, that’s FREEZING. The only other two guys on the patio were also from Ohio! Jacksonville’s campus was really pretty.
Jacksonville U.

Now imagine that in the early evening on a hazy night. Before my show, I stepped outside and just kind of took it in. It was really nice to be out of the 10 degree Ohio weather for a day.

I almost didn’t get home the next day. Half the airports on the east coast were shut down. I had two delays and one cancellation, but finally made it home after spending most of the day in Baltimore.

It was a good thing I got back in time, because I had to drive 6 hours the next day to perform at Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA. The folks at Lock Haven are super nice. I really enjoyed hanging out with them. They did a great job of promoting the show, too. So much so, that my show was the most highly attended event of the year! We had more than 500 people come out! Here’s a video I took backstage:

Met a lot of really cool people in Lock Haven. Some of them, I even got the chance to hang out with again in Nashville a few weeks later:
Lock Haven!

From PA, my next show was at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. This was my second time performing here. The first time was about a year ago. I saw some familiar faces and friends that I made a year ago at the show. Here are some photos of the show:

The sound and lighting at Rutgers Camden is done by Sonus and they do a hell of a job, as you can see from the photos.

The next day, I performed at Greene St. Studios in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. The venue and attendance was small, but I still had fun at the show. The audience was full of a combination of professional jugglers, magicians and mentally disabled adults. A challenging show to say the least. Here’s the entire show compressed to 01:35:

I had a lot of fun at this show. It was nice to do something different – different type of audience and venue. And had an amazing time after the show too.

After a couple days off, I performed back in Columbus, Ohio for a networking event. It was heavily tweeted about. Read some of the comments about this show on my Twitter Favorites. There’s a blog about it with photos and video here. Feel free to follow me if you use Twitter!

Funny story – If you’ve seen my show, you know about the box inside a box inside a box, etc. Airport security (TSA) had fun with me with these coming back from Philly. They put an inspection notice in EACH box. Too funny.
Uploaded - 2\149

I know this post is getting long, but there are a few more things to write about!

I flew to Nashville, TN to showcase at NACA Nationals. I was the roving artist the first day of the conference. It was held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, which was incredible!
Uploaded - 2\149-1

I went to the conference represented by LGA and had a great time hanging out in the booth with the Showoff Show, Jeff Civilico and Dale K – showoffs, a juggler and a hypnotist, respectively. There was even a full page ad in the Conference program! Here are some photos!

Uploaded - 2\149-2
Uploaded - 2\149-3

I left the conference a day early to perform in Hartford, CT at the University of Hartford. Christian and Harris at Hartford were really nice guys and brought in an awesome crowd for me by using University-based opening acts that everyone knew. I have to say – both acts were top notch. Hawkapella is an all-male a cappella group who incorporates a lot of comedy and personality in their arrangements. I was impressed and they were a great opener. The second opening act was Stop Laughing Mom, a student improv group. They did several sketches and really got some great laughs – the perfect warmup for my show. The crowd at Hartford was really warm and laughed a lot.

From Hartford, I flew to Birmingham, AL to perform for the American Foundry Society’s Southeastern States Conference. The hotel was cool. I didn’t see any of Birmingham whatsoever. My hotel was connected to a mall and the show was held in the hotel, so I literally saw nothing else. The AFS people were really fun and we all got drunk in the hotel bar after the show.

The next show was Pittsburgh, PA at Duquesne University for their Casino Night. I don’t have any photos from this show yet, but the stage was big and the crowd was kinda splotchy at the beginning. By the end of the show, it was pretty full. All of Duquesne’s show choir was in the audience because they were performing after me. At one point the entire show choir got up in the middle of the show. Then 10 minutes later, they came back. Only MILDLY distracting. haha Some good friends in Pittsburgh got to come see me perform, which was nice. And my hotel had a cool view of the soon-to-be replaced Mellon Arena, where the Penguins play.

So now, I’ve had an ENTIRE WEEK off, which is MUCH NEEDED. Tomorrow, I leave again to meet up with the Showoff Show again in Lansing, MI. From there, we head to Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI to perform together.

And if you haven’t seen my latest video, take a look!


There. Now you’re all caught up on 2009. I will try to blog more often from now on. I promise.

peace, love and novel blogs,

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