The Fall Tour Begins!

I started the fall tour on Saturday in Springfield, MO performing at Missouri State University’s “Bear Bash,” which sounds kinda like a promotions night at a gay bar, but instead is an AWESOME event put on by Missouri State’s student activities. They had bands, DJs, games, wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube men, rides, and me! The event was CRAZY crowded. I did two shows. The first one was standing room only with almost 600 people packed into the small theater. Great crowd and a standing ovation at the end! The second one was a little less crowded, but still a fun audience. The new opener is going over VERY well. It’s a piece I took out of the middle of the show and put at the top and it plays MUCH better this way.

After getting back to the hotel around 130am, I had to get up at 4am for a 6am flight and then drove to Lexington, KY to perform at UK’s Student Center Spectacular. I performed at this event last year and had a ton of fun – I’m happy they asked me back. The room was HUGE – here’s a pic:

The show was very high energy and a lot of fun again this year. The only down side was I had to shut up a guy in the front row. While I hated having to do it, the entire audience loved it. They cheered pretty loud. He wasn’t heckling – just trying to be the funny guy with comments. I talked to him after the show and all was good. Also there was a fly or something onstage that kept flying in my face. I tried to catch it and eat it, but it got away. All in all – it was another awesome show with another standing ovation. I hope they have me back next year.

Got to my hotel again at a ridiculous hour and now, after a little bit of sleep, I drive 5 hours up to one of my favorite places to perform, BGSU. I’ve got a lot of people who come to every show I do at BGSU, and that makes me feel really cool. I hope they all show up tonight, I plan on putting on a hell of a show.

Peace, love and sleep deprivation,

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