I'll Be Filing this Under the "Turd Rainbow" File…

For those of you who don’t know the Turd Rainbow Story, watch this video sometime. While we’re on the subject of scatalogical humor, something pretty funny happened in the show tonight at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH.

I do a trick in which I ask the audience to give me a suggestion of something they might say if they saw the most amazing thing in the world. The suggestion I got was “fountain.” While it made no sense, I decided to go with the spirit of improv and use it. The idea is that the audience yells the word when a certain action happens onstage. We do that again and assign a second action to a second suggestion. The second suggestion tonight was the word “Sh*t.” Later in the routine, when the two actions are happening back to back, the entire audience found themselves chanting “Sh*t Fountain, Sh*t Fountain, Sh*t Fountain!” I couldn’t keep it together. Definitely one for the books.

Also, a google image search provides this picture. I just now laughed for five more minutes.

peace love and poop jokes,

I love BGSU! Always a great audience.

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