Tour Schedule Update

Hey! Here’s another look at some shows we just added to the fall schedule! Let me know if you’re interested in bringing me to your school or event and we’ll add you to the list! 6/11 – Pullman, WA 6/12 – Philadelphia, PA 6/25 – Albany, GA 6/28 – Thompson, PA 6/30 – North Dartmouth, MA 7/17 – Mansfield, OH 8/7 – Omaha, NE 8/15 – Mt. Pleasant, MI 8/22 – Beloit, WI 8/23 – Lexington, KY 8/27 – Clarion, PA 8/28 – Manchester, NH 8/29 – Towson, MD 8/30 – Bowling Green, OH 9/5 – Potsdam, NY 9/8 – … Read more

Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I knew when I decided to start putting clips of my show online that unoriginal performers without the ability to create their own material might start trying to perform my original material. That’s sort of the risk that goes with the reward of giving millions of people access to my performances. In the case of my “close up street magic video,” it’s the card to shoe that people haven’t seen. Card to shoe is an old principle and has been performed many ways. I’m not sure if my method is 100% original or not but I came up with it … Read more

12 States Already This Year

Wow! Just looked over the past 3 months’ schedule and I’ve performed in 12 states already. I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not, but it sure feels like it. This last weekend, I performed at St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA and at Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. The show in Lacey, WA was a little ways south of Tacoma. This was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest and I loved everything about it. Here’s a shot from the airplane: Soon after I saw this mountain range and snapped this photo, we flew over Mt. Ranier, … Read more

Albertus Magnus and Wilmington!

I recently flew to Connecticut to perform at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven. The show was fun but a couple challenges may have opened some doors. First, my road case has 4 catches. 2 on each side of the lid. This apparently presents a problem for the TSA, because after the last 3 or 4 flights my case always seems to be unlatched and OPEN when I get it. Here’s a shot of the case on the carousel in Hartford: So I took the case to Cabbage Cases to see what advice they had to offer. We redesigned the … Read more

A Neat Trick for the Office

This is unrelated to anything. But I just stumbled upon it while trying to abuse the crack that is Red Bull to stay awake. Go get a binder clip – you know the little black clips with the metal “wings” that you use to hold thick stacks of paper and opened bags of potato chips together? Now fold the clips back like you’re about to clip some paper with it. Put the open end – the black end in your mouth just inside your lips. Squeeze the clip open. Inhale. It makes a neat sound. That’s all. You’re welcome. Now … Read more