Lander University in Greenwood, SC

I grew up visiting Greenwood, SC at least once a year. My grandparents moved there when I was a kid, so the small town outside of Greenville, SC was very familiar to me when I visited to perform at Lander University last night. I was scheduled to arrive the day before so I could spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa and my aunt and cousins who live there as well. I missed my flight leaving Columbus, which put a damper on the hanging out with family. I thought I was early, but it turns out, I looked at the … Read more

I Cut My Thumb at Ferris State

This week, the Showoff Show and I headed up to Big Rapids, MI to perform at Ferris State University. I drove 4 hours up to Lansing, MI the night before to pick the guys up at the airport. We stayed the night there in Lansing, then drove the 2 hours to Ferris State in the morning. Here’s a brief video of the trip: [youtube=] I was performing my rope trick and must have gotten into it too much. Either that, or someone sharpened my scissors when I wasn’t looking, because they sliced through the rope much easier than expected and … Read more

Starting off 2009 With Some GREAT Shows

Hey Everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve written on here and, sitting in a diner with a couple friends in Hartford, CT, I decided I needed to be a little more diligent about it. Last year ended really well with the Blue Angels performance and there are lots of things to be excited about in 09. First off, voting is JUST NOW ending for the Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards. I was nominated for two awards. In addition that excitement, I had a showcase at NACA Nationals, which is kinda like the Disneyland of Campus Activities. I had a … Read more

My Visit to The Blue Angels

I spent last weekend in Pensacola, Florida to visit the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. “The Blues” asked me to come down and perform for their Christmas Party.  I’m sure they had no idea when they called me how much of a NERD I am for aviation. I spent the afternoon hanging out with the men and women of the Blue Angels at their squadron at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola and got to see what their daily operations are like.  As I was walking up, the 4 diamond planes were finishing up their practice.  I got some great video … Read more

NACA South, Mercyhurst and H.S. Yearbooks

Last week I did two things: Performed at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA and attended NACA South in Chattanooga, TN. Well, I did more than just those two things, but those are really the only two that have anything to do with anything related to this blournal. NACA South was great. I didn’t get to attend the entire conference, but I met some cool folks and went to the Tennessee Aquarium. Here are some photos: My pictures aren’t all that great – they’re just from my phone. But Evan Young, one half of the Show off Show, took a ton … Read more

This Wendy's Smells Like a Turd Rainbow

I know – “What? Turd Rainbow?”  Hold on.  I’ll get there. It’s time for FAMILY WEEKENDS in colleges.  The last three shows were all performances for family weekends.  Last week I returned to Shepherd University to perform for their Family Weekend.  It was an 11 o’clock show for their program, “Late Night in the Zone.”  We had a pretty full crowd and it was a really fun show.  Shepherd University is in Shepherdstown, WV which is a really eclectic little town near Baltimore/DC.  Driving in from BWI Airport you pass Harper’s Ferry and cross the Potomac which is absolutely beautiful. … Read more

Kevin Smith Talks About Prince

If you get the opportunity to watch some videos of Kevin Smith’s live presentation, he is an absolutely amazing storyteller. Here’s one of my favorites: Part One: [youtube=] Part Two: [youtube=] Part Three: [youtube=] Part Four: [youtube=]

I Love My Job

It’s been another week full of excitement. Despite the lack of sleep and missing home, this job has been more fun in the last two weeks than I can ever remember. This will be a long entry – hang with me! I wrote about last week’s shows and the absolutely amazing crowd at the University of Northern Colorado. This week took me to Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. I started by driving to Kokomo, Indiana for a show at Indiana University – Kokomo, which is a 100% commuter campus. I sometimes get scared about performing at non-traditional campuses like … Read more